Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reflections on Reflections

In a Hurry

One of the insights I gained from a week long workshop with Jay Masiel a year ago was to use reflections and unusual perspectives to try to fool the eye. This creates interest as we naturally try to figure the image out. I have since looked for opportunities to try this technique of which Masiel and other masters are so skilled at using.

The image above is of a shiny ceiling at an airport which was then inverted vertically so the figures would appear upright.

Below are a few other images where I have tried to use reflections and reflected light to try to create and unusual or interesting effect.

Reflections at the RCA

Gallery Reflections


And of course we all know the power of a good refection in landscape photography...

Wakeup Call

Harbor House

Convict Lake

Keep your eye out for that pool of water or shiny wall or window that you can use to create an interesting and appealing optical illusion.

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