Friday, March 28, 2008

Yellowstone and Tetons 2007

Thinking about the opening of Yellowstone Park on April 18th reminds me of a wonderful photo trip last fall...


1. Never Stop Exploring, 2. At the end of an Autumn Day, 3. Another World, 4. Boiling Point


Daniel J. Neeley said...

Hey, I hadn't seen your blog earlier. This looks great! I like your introduction to the right; I had never considered the connection between your radiology experience and your artistic talent. There is definitely something to that. I look forward to following the work you do here. Best!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing. I have a question, how do they manage to get such good photos to be posted in their website?
We have been developing and it is hard.
We have had fun with friends but we would also like to have the best in photography there.
I am sending this to see if by any chance you visit our website you get interested in posting photos there. I hope you do. Thanks for your time.

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