Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Going Deep

A couple of Milky Way shots from my early morning jaunt in Arches National Park. Nothing like a star shot to put one in his place. I am in awe and truly humbled when I consider the hundred billion or so stars in just our galaxy and that there are billions and billions of additional galaxies out there! But then I have similar feelings of humility, wonder, and awe when I view a beautiful sunset, amazing geography, or even a flower. We truly live in a wonderful world, a wonderful universe! Going Deep Star Power The first image was shot at 6400 ISO, f2.8, for 30 sec. The second uses similar technique except that it was shot at 12800 ISO. Processing consisted only of increasing the contrast of the sky (which also darkens the sky and intensifies the color) and increasing the brightness of the foreground just a bit.


Steve said...

James this is awesome. what direction is best at night? Also, any tips on where you should set up and stay away from. I would have to really drive to get away from the city.

James Neeley said...

Steve, the direction varies depending on light pollution and the time of year. I check the position of the Milky Way on an astronomy app on my ipad and plan accordingly. For best results you need a good dark site. Check with your local astronomy club for some suggestions.

James Neeley said...
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Steve said...

Thanks James, I will look for the app and download. Thanks again. These images are awesome.

Unknown said...

Hey Pat, I love these images. Why app do you use to track the milky way?


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