Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Moment of Clarity

It is conference weekend and my thoughts are of the light and understanding I receive listening to inspired leaders. I am reminded of an image posted a few years ago entitled "Seeking Light" Seeking Light Yesterday while taking some early morning shots prior to listening to conference I had a similar experience. I was standing in the middle of the road photographing the brown fields and a small canal when all of a sudden there was a change. I looked up a bit surprised and realized that the sun was shinning through a small clearing in the east. In a short time the magical light was gone.

The Moment of Clarity Breathing Deeply

Isn't that true in life? Flashes of inspiration, understanding, and light burst upon us, expectantly like a rainbow and then almost as quickly, fade. If we are not aware or if we are distracted by the jumble that is normal living we may miss the moment all together. Hence, the importance of slowing down, looking, feeling, and quietly waiting for that moment of clarity.

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Unknown said...

James your photos as well as your writing is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing the two with others.
Have a great day

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